Oil/Fat Savings & Return on Investment

CARLTON CATERING EQUIPMENT's Mission has always been to save you time and money. The Aries Oil and Fat Filter unit reduces the quantity of contaminants found in hot cooking oil so prolonging oil and/or fat life; it can also yield significant cost savings. Evaluate for yourself the saving you could make, use the RoI calculator below. Check Out the Savings You Could Make...

Return on Investment (RoI) Calculator

The RoI Calculator has been designed so that you can evaluate for yourself the achievable cost saving potential available to you. To use the calculator, enter relevant figures into the fields below that suit your circumstances and the calculator will do the rest! All fields need to be filled in even though they have pre-entered figures. These are typical figures only and have been included to serve as a guide; change them to suit your specific circumstances and you'll get meaningful results!

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Calculation Parameters

Weekly Oil usage:   boxes/week
Cost per box: £
Oil per box:   Kg
Amortisation period:   months

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